Here ꘋꕬ will collect information about all ꕙꔤ related research literature ꘋꕬ have access to꘍ some/most of which ꘋꕬ haven’t read yet When possible ꘋꕬ will note the quality/relevance of it꘍ as well as links to the documents



  • Gail Stewart – The Early Vai Script as Found in the Book of Ndole (1972) – (unread)
  • Gail Stewart, P.E.H. Hair – A Bibliography of the Vai Language and Script (1969) – a listing of all the then known references to and analyses of ꕙꔤ ꖨꖕꕴꕱ꘍ both spoken and script from 1594 to 1968
  • Momolu Massaquoi – The Vai People and Their Syllabic Writing (1911) – an article containing both oral history if the ꕙꔤ ꔽꔤ꘍ as well as a phonetic chart of the ꕙꔤ script as it was written around 1900 and traditions concerning the teaching of the script
  • August Klingenheben – The Vai Script (1933) – (unread)
  • Adam Jones – Who Were the Vai? (1981) – an investigation into the origins of the ꕙꔤ ꗞ ꖸ and ꖨꖕꕴꕱ꘎
  • Konrad Tuscherer – Cherokee and Vai: Examining the Origins of the Vai Script (2002) – an interesting research article about possible Cherokee influences in the creation of the ꕙꔤ script
  • Mohamed B. Nyei – A Three Script Literacy Among the Vai: Arabic, English and Vai (1981) – regarding the use of writing among the ꕙꔤ ꗞ ꖸ and in which contexts the different writing systems are used
  • Andrij Rovenchak, Ján Mačutek, Charles Riley – Distribution of complexities in the Vai script (2008) – a technical study of different complexities of the glyphs and how they compare to other scripts
  • Svend Holsoe – An Early Vai Manuscript from Liberia (1976) – A reprint and new translation of the ꖦꕎꖨ manuscript as well as insights into nineteenth century ꕙꔤ ꔽꔤ customs

Sites with ꕙꔤ script examples

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